When your marketing isn”t working, where does the problem lie? Presidents of small and medium businesses have an ongoing battle with marketing.

What if a slight change in the behavior of the president could improve marketing? Do you recognize yourself or your president here?

Tactic of the Day President: Try this! No, try this! Wait, stop everything! No more marketing! I talked with someone, so try this! No, wait!

Bottom Line President: Do not come to me with a marketing program that can”t be measured. Nor will I entertain a marketing program that will not increase revenue this quarter. We will do the marketing that we have to, but no more. I have more important issues to work on.

Sales President: I have a new idea for an offer. Buy lists, send out email blasts every day, buy better lists, send out direct mail, hire a telemarketing company to make calls for appointments, append email lists for phone numbers and make calls, change the offer, I have a new idea for an offer.

Tech President: I hate receiving spam. I hate the phone. I hate junk mail. If a customer can”t find our website, they are too stupid to be our customer.

And so on…

The issue is projection, meaning, the president projects his or her persona into the marketing program.

I am a big believer in making the president aware of how his own behavior is affecting marketing, and therefore revenue.

Most staff create workarounds for this to make marketing happen in spite of the president. That is not what the president wants.

Great companies have great teams. The president needs to know how his behavior is affecting marketing. It is critical that he be a valuable part of the marketing team.

If you aren”t ready to tell him, let me know. I will. Gently and with respect. Using an independent online assessment of his persona.

A slight change in behavior, based on an increased awareness of the behavior, can change everything.