I read The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo and came away with this outline, which I’ve applied to a sales presentation with great results.

The key is to write a script first and hone your ideas into groups of three.

Then, break up the script so that one idea is on each slide. Keep the script in full sentences.

Only then do you add minimal visuals and text to support your script.

Next, practice with the script, removing extraneous words until there are only key words and phrases in the notes.

That”s it. And practice!


  1. Tell a story by first writing a script
  2. Break the script up and put into notes section in full sentences in PowerPoint or Keynote, one main idea per slide
  3. Add visuals that support that idea
  4. Add a short phrase to support that idea
  5. Keep to the rule of three
  6. Practice your script; reduce notes to key words
  7. Memorize one idea per slide
  8. Practice without notes
  9. Have an “intermission” every 10 minutes
  10. Be extra enthusiastic


  1. Remember your elevator pitch: what do you do, what problem do you solve, how are you different, why should I care?
  2. Plan in analog, not in PowerPoint or Keynote
  3. Identify the one big idea you want to leave with your audience
  4. Say why you are excited about this
  5. Write out the three messages you want the audience to receive
  6. Develop metaphors and analogies in support of these messages
  7. Answer the one question that matters most
  8. Develop a messianic sense of purpose
  9. Sell your vision of the future
  10. Write short twitter headlines that can be repeated across media
  11. Write the message from the users perspective
  12. Draw a road map; stick to rule of threes
  13. Introduce the antagonist or enemy
  14. Ask rhetorical questions
  15. Paint a vivid picture of the customers pain
  16. Reveal the conquering hero
  17. Obey the 10 minute rule for paying attention; provide an “intermission” before act 2
  18. Talk in plain English without jargon
  19. Dress up your numbers, make them relevant, specific, contextual and meaningful, not 2GB but 1,000 songs in your pocket
  20. It”s like this….
  21. Share the stage
  22. Have a short product demo
  23. Have a holy crap moment – you mean I can do that with this?
  24. Create just one theme for the presentation: one emotional point to remember
  25. Use props
  26. Video tape 5 minutes of yourself going through the presentation
  27. Notice how dull you are
  28. Be extra enthusiastic and don”t be afraid to go off script