Gene Bellotti coaches company presidents and senior staff on marketing strategies and tactics.

He is a hands-on marketer with years of experience developing and executing marketing campaigns to launch emerging businesses and their products, many of those spent as a creative partner in his own advertising agency Harper/Bellotti.

His specialty is digital marketing strategy and communications. He excels at strategically sound marketing communications that propel businesses to the next level: new markets, product line extensions, online presence, acquisition or IPO.

Gene has worked with over 60 high technology companies and has experience in other markets including financial services and medical technologies.

Creative and organized, Gene has developed demand generation programs that opened new markets and has conceived, named and launched products by developing advertising concepts, direct mail, videos, inbound marketing websites and online ads.

He has an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Babson in and an Ed.M with a concentration in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard. He golfs when he can and plays guitar in a blues band, but is most proud of his family.