One landing page does not fit all.

Today we do have the technology and knowledge to build four types of landing pages, one for each major type of customer and their buying process. A/B/C/D tests can show you which ones pull better for your site.

Here are a few short clues for each type of customer. Your current landing page is probably already directed at one of the types. Take that landing page and modify it three other ways as suggested.

The No-Nonsense Thinker

No big picture is needed here. This person seeks data. The more data-driven the landing page, the better. Add data-rich reasons why the form should be completed. Use examples from the past to show that others have used your product or service successfully. Go light on the visuals. Make no grandiose promises not backed by data.

The Technologist

Again, data-rich examples. Instead of talking about the past, talk about future possibilities with your product. Focus on efficiency, not effectiveness; efficiency, not results; an improved process, not a permanent solution. Improved efficiency and process are the keys to a completed form.

The Adventurer

It’s all about instant results. Action-oriented customers, such as outdoor enthusiasts, fitness junkies, serious sports fans and sales people, want results now. Right now. Copy on the landing page should be all about the present. The past is so yesterday, the future uncertain. All we have is today, so let’s make the most of it. Filling out the form will give the customer access to an instant download, coupon, eBook, or best of all, an instant experience.

The Dreamer/Advocate

Feelings about what could be, and the good it can do for the customer and for others, should be the core of the message. Future-oriented copy, with plenty of feeling, and major visuals of expressive people – think about the classic beauty product advertisement – will yield response rate improvements.

If you need a landing page for a particular type of customer, contact me.