When the Marketing Bully Strikes

I have one. Maybe you do, too. My latest one is a long-lost acquaintance from high school who found me on Facebook and has started sending me hype about his online business. Now Facebook "marketplace" friends are sending me blather about condos for sale and full coverage medical insurance for $19.95/mo. I kid you not. [...]

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I can’t help you do more marketing like it was 2015. Or 2019.

What worked in marketing as recently as 2019 is not working as well now. Don't you hate when that happens? I've helped over 60 companies – many of them start-ups – fine-tune their message and reach their prospects through outbound marketing. A lot of the marketing worked: companies grew, some were acquired, a few [...]

I can’t help you do more marketing like it was 2015. Or 2019.2020-07-06T14:23:48+00:00

Is It Your Marketing or Is It Your President?

When your marketing isn"t working, where does the problem lie? Presidents of small and medium businesses have an ongoing battle with marketing. What if a slight change in the behavior of the president could improve marketing? Do you recognize yourself or your president here? Tactic of the Day President: Try this! No, try this! Wait, [...]

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Why Facebook Isn’t Big Brother, We Are.

Facebook apps have been sending user ID information to dozens of advertising and Internet tracking companies. Today"s Wall Street Journal profiles the activities in detail. Facebook cannot keep up with the demand from other companies for information on people, their activities, likes, dislikes, never mind age, location, occupation and job. That is, they can"t keep [...]

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