As business rebounds, you may be thinking of expanding your marketing activities. Still, the anticipated costs are holding you back. You might want to consider an inbound marketing program.

>Inbound Marketing takes less money per lead but more time and creativity. The recommended amount of time to do inbound marketing to…

  1. Actively create content by writing blog articles at least three days per week and develop web pages,
  2. Optimize your content for keywords and SEO before publishing,
  3. Promote your content in blogs and leave comments on other blogs,
  4. Convert visitors to leads by packaging content into an eBook, white paper, etc, sending out an email campaigns, developing landing pages, and testing different marketing strategies, and
  5. Analyze your traffic, visitors, visits, leads, conversions to leads, conversions to customers

is two hours per day or 40 hours per month.

The first reaction to that is: who has that kind of time? Some of that activity such as blogging can be accomplished in house by a group of people so that many hands make light work.

The second reaction is: I can’t come up with something to say three times a week. You would be surprised at how much you can write about your industry, your customers, problems your customers have, and how the industry is changing when you involve your entire team and tap into outside help to spark ideas each week.

You can even hire someone to do all of the inbound marketing for you anywhere from 20 – 40 hours per month.

Here are two approaches to a month’s activities, devoting just 20 hours per month, which is the absolute minimum amount of time.

If you hire an inbound marketing consultant, what I recommend including is executive coaching time, either in meetings, on the phone or by email to familiarize your team on best practices, the various steps of an inbound marketing program, and to answer any questions.

10 Hours Focused on Getting Found and Drawing Traffic

Hours Example
4 hrs: Write 2 educational blog articles, optimize them for on-page SEO, and publish them
1 hr: Executive coaching on Inbound Marketing – best practices
2 hrs: Promote blog articles on relevant social media and industry sites, engage with other relevant blogs
3 hrs: Research and write press release, optimize for SEO and inbound links, publish

10 Hours Focused on Converting Web Site Traffic to Leads

Hours Example
6 hrs: Research and create a downloadable ebook that would be a compelling offer for your target audience – an educational presentation
3 hrs: Research and write press release, optimize for SEO and inbound links, publish
1 hr: Executive coaching on Inbound Marketing – best practices

Note that unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing has no design costs, no printing costs, no list rental costs, no mailing costs, no postage costs, no travel costs and most importantly no click-through costs.

And, the cost per lead is less than any other marketing method, according to this research from HubSpot. What’s not to like?

If you haven”t begun an inbound marketing program yet or aren”t familiar with inbound marketing, you may want to download this 12 page guide.