140+ Companies Score Most Poorly on: 1) Detecting Insights About Customers

Companies scored the most poorly in two capabilities: 1) detecting insights about customers and 2) designing solutions based on the insight. A new research report published by Temkin Group, The State of Voice of the Customer Programs analyzes data from 192 companies with $500 million or more in annual revenues. These companies use voice of the customer (VoC) programs to collect and disseminate insights about their customers. Nearly two-thirds, over 140 of the companies examined in the research, all of which have formalized VoC programs, believe that their VoC program has been successful. Only a small group, 7% of For whenever near who is matt damon dating

The Search for Meaning: Decisions of the Heart

Some people, maybe even some of your customers, search for meaning as they make buying choices. In contrast, most company presidents don’t search for meaning when making decisions, since statistically they are more likely to be Thinkers-Judgers than Intuitive-Feelers. Thinkers-Judgers are Traditionalists. Serious. No-nonsense. Practical. Intense. Focused. On task. Intuitive-Feelers are Idealists. They want to make a personal connection. Be helpful. Collaborate. Are easy to talk with. And speak with passion. They make decisions from the heart, not the head. If the company president is a Traditionalist, he makes decisions based on data, not on feelings and meaning. Feelings are not part of his (or her) leading

Is Your Sales and Marketing Taking This Into Account

Is your sales and marketing taking into account one of the most basic components of human nature: are your prospects extroverts or introverts? What changes can you make to tune your marketing to this aspect of your prospects and customers? Marketing to the Introvert: Energy from Ideas Introverts get their energy from ideas. All they need is the idea; they’ll take it from there. Email is the ideal response mechanism for introverts. It’s not, however, the ideal direct marketing method. How many techie introverts do you know that want to receive unsolicited email? Introverts have become expert at filtering out spam. The huge anti-spam industry has not

In Your Next Meeting, Pay Attention To This

You are in a meeting. One colleague says nothing and takes notes. Another interrupts, sounds disorganized and goes off-topic. Both are valuable contributors but their styles are diametrically opposed. What does this have to do with marketing and getting more business? Plenty. People have been studied for the last 2,500 years, when Hippocrates noticed that human behavior fell into four broad groups. Since 450 BCE (Before Common Era) others have continued his work. We’ll get into more detail in later tips. Right now, let’s skip ahead to your meeting. Your quiet colleague gets his energy from ideas (I). He could be completely charged up by your discussion

How to change the behavior of people you haven’t met

Good salespeople can motivate prospects to become customers – that is changing the behavior of people you meet. Good marketers can change the behavior of people they haven’t met, and may never meet. How exactly is that done? Here is how to write a direct marketing letter that will accomplish that elusive goal. I start with the customer. I can tell you from years of experience that most people do not start with the customer. They start with the product and this formula: Here is my product. Here is why it is good. Here is why it is better than my competitor. Would you like to buy

Five Ways People Sabotage Their Marketing

The top five behaviors in startups that reduce the effectiveness of marketing: 1. Edit the marketing to death until you are perfectly happy with it. This the fastest way to create yes-man marketing that jumps, jumps, jumps to your demands yet brings few breakthrough ideas to the marketing process. The result is marketing that is only as good as you are at marketing, which may not be your strongest suit. Unless the marketing is technically incorrect, leave the responsibility to generate response with the person responsible for marketing. Set goals and measure results. Leave the part in the middle to someone else. The marketing gets better very

When Smart Buyers Become Dumb Sellers

Just because someone is an expert on one side of a marketing transaction doesn’t mean they have learned anything about being on the other side. Whether that person is the president of a startup or a consumer, I keep seeing examples of this. Let’s start with the consumer. How many times have you seen a car on a front lawn or in a parking lot with the for sale sign and a phone number? Presumably, the seller is an expert at being a buyer. They have spent a lifetime shopping, comparing products, researching products, checking consumer reports before buying, Googling their purchase with the product name and

Fear, Greed and Blogging – But wait, there’s more!

To follow up on my last post discussing the effectiveness of direct response copywriting techniques versus inbound marketing blogging for business, which do you think will be more effective, 1 or 2? --- 1. Direct Response Copy Example Get Found on the Internet and Never Spend Another Penny on Google AdWords! Why have a web site f it isn’t being found by your best prospects? How exactly do you make your web site more findable without spending a single penny more on Google Adwords? In fact, without spending any money with Google? Like a good golf swing, it’s a series of little pieces of knowledge put together

When the Marketing Bully Strikes

I have one. Maybe you do, too. My latest one is a long-lost acquaintance from high school who found me on Facebook and has started sending me hype about his online business. Now Facebook "marketplace" friends are sending me blather about condos for sale and full coverage medical insurance for $19.95/mo. I kid you not. A marketing bully has found me. A marketing bully posts self-serving comments on your blog that have nothing to do with your article. A marketing bully hires a company to make computer-generated calls to your cell phone. A marketing bully hires people to hand you flyers as you walk down the street.

Return to Startup Marketing in a Different Way

As business rebounds, you may be thinking of expanding your marketing activities. Still, the anticipated costs are holding you back. You might want to consider an inbound marketing program. >Inbound Marketing takes less money per lead but more time and creativity. The recommended amount of time to do inbound marketing to… Actively create content by writing blog articles at least three days per week and develop web pages, Optimize your content for keywords and SEO before publishing, Promote your content in blogs and leave comments on other blogs, Convert visitors to leads by packaging content into an eBook, white paper, etc, sending out an email campaigns, developing