Is your customer crazy? Poor response to great offers, no repeat business, emotional outbursts to customer service contacts, and those requests out of left field – why are the people you are selling, marketing and servicing acting this way? It could be you don”t deal with your customers based on their psychographic data.

Bellotti Communications can survey your customers to identify answers to your specific questions and at the same time provide insight into customer behavior that will show you how to better sell, market and service your customers.

Contact us to schedule an introductory phone call or call 978-206-1792. psychographic marketingPsychographics is the segmentation of customers by values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles. In its most advanced form it is the segmentation of your customers and prospects into known sets of personality characteristics. That”s what we do. From segmentation by personality, marketers can draw upon detailed information – thousands of years in refinement – that can predict how a distinct personality type organizes their life, gathers information, makes decisions and gets energized. These distinctions, often referred to as behavioral preferences, are described in detail by various systems of assessment including MBTI, Social Styles, DiSC, and Interaction Styles. What these assessments leave to interpretation is how to apply that knowledge to your marketing process and tests, and how to obtain the individual personality types of your customers and prospects in a way that is user-friendly and even user-enticing. The existing assessments (they prefer not to be called tests) are long – over 100 questions. That will put off most consumers searching for a product or solution. Ideally, psychographic marketers need a shorter assessment – a quick customer survey – that will provide a personality type assessment in just a few minutes. There is a new assessment that is short and accurate.

Contact us for details. Once a portion of your customers are surveyed, you can choose to:

1. Create individualized marketing for each customer based on their psychographic personality profile.

2. Segment customers into broader groups by type, temperament, or behavioral criteria that is relevant to your product.

3. Individualize your marketing efforts so that specific efforts target specific types. 4. Create psychographic marketing for individual customers.

Contact us to schedule an introductory phone call or call 978-206-1792.