“A meaningful segment is any group of customers that meets three criteria:

– they are identifiable by common characteristics,

– they are profitable, and

– they are growing.”

– Brent R. Grover, Evergreen Consulting, LLC, advising the wholesale distribution channel.

Marketers seek solutions that have been proven in the past and can solve the present problem, a past/present orientation.

A more observable buying style characteristic is whether the customer has a planned approach to life – their day is scheduled and interruption are considered an annoyance – or whether they have a flexible approach, where they welcome new information even if it is an interruption. The scheduled customer tends to make a decision and stick with it. The flexible customer will change their decision based on new information.

All of these are important distinguishing criteria when presenting products, upgrades and services through print, web and email campaigns.

If you can segment your customer by buying style psychographic characteristics, then you can sell, market and service the most profitable, growing groups in exactly the way they wish to be treated. That is certain to increase the long-term value of that group.

Gene Bellotti