Giving a Talk or Presentation?

Practice with me on whatever platform you are using for talks, presentations, webinars, keynotes. I'll give you private feedback and tips on your talk, your presentation or plans. Become a better presenter than you think you can be. Contact Gene Bellotti for an introductory meeting.

How to Create An Insanely Great Presentation

I read The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo and came away with this outline, which I've applied to a sales presentation with great results. The key is to write a script first and hone your ideas into groups of three. Then, break up the script so that one idea is on each slide. Keep the script in full sentences. Only then do you add minimal visuals and text to support your script. Next, practice with the script, removing extraneous words until there are only key words and phrases in the notes. That"s it. And practice! Method Tell a story by first writing a script Break

Study Notes from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Courses

Early on I became a Hubspot partner by passing their tough inbound marketing knowledge test with a 95. It occurred to me that others might benefit from my notes. I'm certain the courses have changed but these notes and ideas are still applicable for a successful inbound marketing process.  - Gene Bellotti Blogging for Business (GF101) Blog: quick to post, visitors can leave feedback on yours and other comments, stay high in Google vs being high based on what other people say about your company. Talk about what your customers are interested in, not your products. That is more appealing to more people. Establishes your expertise in a wider

Is Your Customer Crazy?

Is your customer crazy? Poor response to great offers, no repeat business, emotional outbursts to customer service contacts, and those requests out of left field – why are the people you are selling, marketing and servicing acting this way? It could be you don"t deal with your customers based on their psychographic data. Bellotti Communications can survey your customers to identify answers to your specific questions and at the same time provide insight into customer behavior that will show you how to better sell, market and service your customers. Contact us to schedule an introductory phone call or call 978-206-1792. Psychographics is the segmentation of customers by

Your Customer’s Go-To Behaviors: Are They Your Blind Spot?

Have you ever experienced frustration when you donʼt understand why someone else acts, reacts and makes certain choices, especially when they are ones that you yourself would never make? Each person has a set of go-to behaviors. Unfortunately, others seem oblivious to them. It"s as if humans are blind to them just as they are blind in certain spots in both eyes. The brain just automatically fills in the blind area. That"s what you could be doing when it comes to your customer"s go-to behaviors. People exhibit characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. Yes, we are all different and unique. But we are all different and

The Lean Startup Outline

If you have read or are reading The Lean Startup, here is a quick outline of the concepts, suggestions and thoughts. This is a starter list, an MVP. You can copy it to build it out and make it your own. The most interesting point? Design the product so that it meets the definition of sustainable growth: new customers come from the actions of past customers. Use a fast build-measure-learn product feedback loop to minimize learning time Feedback Loop defined: Think big, start small with an experiment Experiment immediately Identify leap-of-faith assumptions (people will buy this online, for example) Test leap-of-faith assumptions Build a Minimum Viable

Start-up Marketing on Demand

Entrepreneurs with dreams need someone to help make them happen. My specialty is start-up marketing, in the time-frame from zero to $80 million, before or after the first product is ready for market. Whether your company is venture, angel or bootstrap funded, marketing is one of the key elements often neglected and then jump-started with varied success. Efficiency comes from matching strategic marketing within the company budget each step of the way, doing it right the first time, marking choices that eliminate costly iterations later. When you are ready to add an experienced marketing communications partner on a contract basis, consider me for your short list.  Gene

How to Segment Customers by Psychographic Behavior

"A meaningful segment is any group of customers that meets three criteria: - they are identifiable by common characteristics, - they are profitable, and - they are growing." - Brent R. Grover, Evergreen Consulting, LLC, advising the wholesale distribution channel.Marketers seek solutions that have been proven in the past and can solve the present problem, a past/present orientation. A more observable buying style characteristic is whether the customer has a planned approach to life – their day is scheduled and interruption are considered an annoyance – or whether they have a flexible approach, where they welcome new information even if it is an interruption. The scheduled customer

Personalization Summit: Close to Perfect

This year’s Personalization Summit hosted by Rapleaf and Microsoft had 150 CEOs and thought leaders involved with this next wave of one to one marketing. You can see the impressive list here. Here is my take on what was said and, more importantly, what was missing. What consumers desire is that personalization act like a butler, someone who knows everything about you but keeps it private. That is the best description yet: personalization with discretion. And tell me how you are using my data. I as the consumer will trade my data for free services, but please tell me how you are going to use my data.

How to Set Up a Key Account Sales Strategy

This is a proven key account strategy for a software company that incorporates buying style, although it could apply to any company. Identify key accounts. This means create a list of the top companies you want to sell to – a good starting list are the 273 companies from this report on the most productive companies in America. Divide these companies between your sales reps. Assign key accounts. Each rep gets 75 accounts. Each rep has a deals-per-year target. In one technology company that number was eight. Eight deals per year, not necessarily from eight companies, it could be eight divisions of one company. It is the